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follow watch I'm betting this is the last rant before the new site comes up. Easter gobbled up more time than I had expected, but there you have it. I did manage to watch a lot of movies during the weekend, and I'll just sum them up with my thoughts trailing them.
optionavigator com The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: quite a ridiculous movie. It's all pretty fancy and it explodes with fervour, but the plot is terrible and the characters don't really gel well. What's Tom Sawyer doing there? And surely there was a more subtle way to portray Mina Harker instead of making her some sort of expensive French prostitute with clich?d vampire-aspects?

binäre optionen immer gewinn The Passion of the Christ: as a stand-alone movie quite powerful, with nice imagery and strong visual storytelling; but as a retelling of the story of Jesus' death it fails completely. Mr. Gibson, I'm sure your intentions were well when you wanted to portray the impossible violence that was inflicted on the son of the carpenter, but you didn't really understand that the violence was a metaphor, did you? Or did you perchance think that Hercules REALLY had to battle a seven-headed dragon? Or that Buddha REALLY sat underneath a tree for three weeks straight at the centre of the universe? Those were all metaphors to indicate that the hero of the tale made a passage from mortal man to enlightened spirit. And by focussing the action on the mundane, physical aspects of Jesus' struggle, the movie completely forlorns the symbolical, deeper meaning behind it. I also have some more gripes with it, but, you know? the doctrines of brevity.

http://revedecabane.com/?ower=corso-opzioni-binarie-tsinvesting&ac7=fd corso opzioni binarie tsinvesting Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory: Johnny Depp, eat your heart out. There is only one captain of the Pequod and his name is Gene Wilder -err? I meant, 'chocolate factory'.

http://www.shyamtelecom.com/?siterko=optionbit-conto-demo&a03=f4 Memento: Christopher Nolan is such a good writer/director! After Batman Begins he really didn't need ANOTHER fantastic movie to show his worth, but apparently he's one for the overkill. Memento scores a lot of points for its way of telling the story and successfully utilizing all its inherent possibilities for surprises and unforeseen twists. Without going bananas and only confusing the audience! Hooray for good movies!

http://careermastery.net.au/?pero=buy-tastylia-online-no-prescription-needed Men in Black II: It's not as memorable as the first one, but I had a perfectly awesome hour-and-a-half, and that was really all I was sitting down on the couch for. That spells good movie to me. Yesno?

Easter was swell.

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