05 October 2005

Hi everyone. I've got a surprise for you right here: I actually got off my lazy behind and did some work. In this case, I put together the Fool's Dinner picture in wallpaper format! Houtepetout!

I've got it in the scrumptious sizes of 800x600 (honestly, who has this low resolution anymore? Buy a bigger screen! It'll do you a world of good!), 1024x768 and 1280x960.

Take 'em while they're hot:
A Fool's Dinner, 800x600
A Fool's Dinner, 1024x768
A Fool's Dinner, 1280x960

I hope this douses your appetites, ravenous bilge vermin! Oh, and I guess it's clear that there are pirates a-comin'. Yo-ho and all.