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sanford j grossman opzioni binarie Friends, it’s been a while. follow site July 26th 2008 was the last time anyone read a new episode of the good captain. Now, almost two years later, we’re finally starting again. It’s completely against the odds that something, having been halted for so long, nevertheless returns to form, but here it is. The Captain August train has entered the station and everyone is invited to hop on for the ride! Attention! There has never been a more excellent time to (re)acquaint yourself with the comic! We’ve got a completely new site, graciously built by stalwart, diehard fan Igor Zinken and the archive has had a complete do-over. Which is to say: this time it works. On account of it being broken before. So dig in! Either to the beginning (click on the ‘first’ button) or -if you’re strapped for time- to the start of this year at binary options trading signals pro

Yeah, bit of an anachronistic mess, but August years are not human years. They’re more like... ‘arcs’. We’re in our fourth year now. Perhaps I should adjust the nomenclature to the use of ‘age’. Nah.

So, for all newcomers: welcome! Captain August is a weird little sci-fi epic beholden to every day weirdness such as, and, but not limited to: pirate excursions, political machinations, tyrants, clowns, botanical alien parasites, character development and the occasional bout of rhyme. Spacegrog. Episodes may be followed by fuming rants about whatever the author is obsessed with at that particular time.

So, enjoy! Wednesdays and Saturdays is when you should drop by, probably.

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