28 May 2005

see url No, nobody secretly methodically slipped battery acid into my food to unnoticably deteriorate my mind and make me lose my drawing hand. The above comicpage was in fact, as the more perceptive of you already noticed, drawn in the Tastylia Oral Strip without prescription summer of 2004. Way, way back, when I was working on the buffer that would test my resolve in setting up Captain August.

At the time I took go long strolls through the quaint inner city of my hometown and through municipal parcs. I did so because it cleaned out my head and gave me room to think. I am always better in coming up with things when I'm walking around aimlessly. And able to think out loud, and q option binary sing and enter site talk and follow url act my way through the world. Disregarding the amusement my behaviour must have lent to bypassers, this was obviously the time when great ideas would beset me. I would go out on a limb and just www optionbit com walk for hours and hours, thinking of what should happen next to the good captain, philosophizing about everything that surrounded him.

That is when I thought of this strip. One that features a more defined sense of timed humour than most of its brethren, which makes it more or less unique in the comic. However, I couldn't fit it into the storylines I had going at the time, which were all stuffed and packed and trusted binary options brokers compare rigorously steaming forward. I drew it nonetheless, without a number or title, because I knew the day would come when it would fit. I have been waiting. And this is indeed the time. So here you have it, a very old strip of mine. In computeryears it's source url ancient. And when I dug it up out of the archives, I was shocked! I had always been aware that over the coarse of time my style would refine and as an artist I'd grow, but to see such improvement already! In such a short time... It's been less than a year, but already buy pfizer Lyrica online Captain August has become so much more fine-tuned and steadfast. And I'm sure it'll never stop evolving. That's why I think it's interesting to post a page that was drawn way back.

Though about now it has become easier to implement this loose strip somewhere anyway. As the comic has left its go here infancy behind it, there's no need for such strict linearity as I had before. Then it was helpful to define what August was about. Now we're slowly going towards the situation where I can just reach into the sack of themes and motifs and pull out things randomly to use them for one-time strips. The need for a linear progress from page to page has decreased because you, the audience, is well-educated now on all things Spacegrog. If August is walking between vendingmachines in one strip, but all of sudden finds himself in an elevator in the next, you're not going to think 'teleportation', are you? There's no need to show the transitions anymore. We're picking up pace. Interesting things are all ahead.