25 February 2006

When I got my Nintendo DS early last year, there was still only a meagre crop of games. Not to say; quite uninteresting ones. It could have been worse of course, but there were only Super Mario 64 DS and Project Rub that were of any interest, and the former was an -admittedly well-done- port, the latter a novelty game at best. So when I got my DS, in desperation I bought Polarium as my first game and that wasn't exactly a title I could dig into. I had some fun and then that was it. Luckily it wasn't expensive, but let me tell you: in those first months I was kind of doubting my purchase of the DS.

That all changed. A few months later the first real DS adventure game arrived, Another Code: Two Memories (I believe it has some ridiculously uninteresting name in America as well, but they have a knack for doing that there). Although short in span, the game touched me (reference intended) and has stayed with me with its wonderful charm and story. Around that same time I got Bomberman DS, which delivered fantastic multiplayer fun with only one cartridge. That reminds me, I have to play it again some day with loads of friends (up to eight!). Guaranteed fun.

But it was only then, after about half a year, that the real heavy hitters came. Advance Wars DS. I bought it and played it for dozens of hours and I finally had the feeling that it had been worth getting a DS. What a relief! Advance Wars equaled a truckload of gameplay and it was great to do while commuting.

And then of course came Mario Kart DS, which rivals Bomberman easily in terms of outrageous fun whilst multiplaying with friends. I played it a lot, I have not yet tired of it, so it's still in my machine. Of course it's a bit of a problem that I play on my DS most heavily when I'm on the train, and since I'm working at home the handheld lies a bit underused at the moment, but that scenario might change rapidly. I plan on getting out more; to work on school, so I'll have to whip it out much more than I used to. And with all those lovely games I have, I'll be entertained until kingdom come. Or at least, until I buy Phoenix Wright, Castlevania DS and Mario & Luigi!

(This endorsement was brought to you by Nintendo. ,,I'm going to Disneyworld!' -Roderick)