04 May 2005

source link Clickburg was a success! Last sunday we got up at a very early hour (for an animator or sequential artist's standard, everything before 9 o'clock is an act of go to site extreme audacity) and left for Tilburg. There, thanks to my awesome woodranger abilities, we wandered aimlessly in the morning mist for about an hour before finally arriving after what should have been a ten-minute walk. Fortunately, it was still i migliori trader di opzini binarie ten minutes before the doors would open for public, which meant enough time to settle down and build up the stand.

As I may have told you, our stand was completely click here black and white, and this style worked out pretty well. My crew had gone through some amazing efforts to combine and create appropriate clothing, featuring small August- or piratesymbols. With myself fully clothed like a Caribbean governer's son slash 19th century tophat-wearing landlord we stood out in the crowd through style. With a piece of trickery that can only be described as devious, a competitive stand across the hall tried to muddle up our radiance by blasting clouds of smoke in the air for no apparant reason. This didn't harm the attention we received however, as many people were interested in August and الخيار الثنائي والفوركس the book we sold. I drew a freaking lot of pictures that day and, hyperenergized by a stockpile of imported Mountain Dew, was able to create some good drawings at that.

That said, I want to wann am besten mit optionen handeln welcome all the Clickburg-newcomers to the site. I hope you'll enjoy reading Captain August throughout the weeks and months and years and that you'll jump onto the incredible voyage we're making alongside the captain. Some generic yet important information I still have to put on the site somewhere is that August is updated twice a week, on follow site wednesdays and source link saturdays. Also, I plan to give the site an overhaul soon, adding a lot of pages and interesting new projects and features. Again, thanks for coming here, and don't forget to tell me what you think!

Also of interest, the public premiere of template blogger gratis italiano opzioni digitali August the Movie went less than perfect, unfortunately. Apparantly, the organisation of the convention had been duped by some hardware rentingcompanies and so there was a very limited amount of computers available. I had brought the movie on DVD and CD, but both didn't run at first. When we had finally arranged a laptop to play the DVD on, it was too slow to show the movie flawlessly, and there was so much interruption and stutter that the experience was destroyed partially. I needn't tell you this was a big letdown, but everyone kind of understood that it was technical glitch and gave me a round of applause afterwards. By which I mean to say: the atmosphere was great and supportive all 'round. And folks still got a good taste of the film.

Lastly, I must give my utmost thanks to my two great crewmembers, Tim and Mon. You've been terrific in supporting the August cause and I'd take you to the next convention without a moment's hesitation again. Thanks for the great support.