source link 11 May 2005

Binary trading system jokes Ronfest 2005 was very nice! We kind of called it that because it appeared as though Ron Gilbert -creator of source link Monkey Island and opzioni digitali e borsa Pajama Sam- was touring Europe. Well, at least two of its cities, London and Amsterdam. I met with him in the latter and it was a very pleasant experience. Ron is kind of what you'd expect from an American; big, hearty and very casual. Indeed, adorned with his follow site token sunglasses and a healthy tan there was no doubt whence he came and people around the city would immediately recognize him as an American. We talked a bit about the things that make us all tick; binaire opties winstgevend games and trada binära optioner topography. Mostly games. I'm happy to say there was only a bit of talk about Monkey Island. Though always a nice conversational topic, I'd gather that Ron has pretty much told everything about it in the last twenty years or so. So there was plenty of room to talk about pretty much http://mhs.se/produkt/jubileumsbok-saab-50-†r/ everything else, and the meeting was nicely relaxed. With a few bottles of wine. And a naked man in a string that performed acrobatics whilst hanging from a rope in the middle of the crowded street, to the tune of some heavy classical piece. But that's Amsterdam for you, I guess.

A day later I went to Germany to check out the place I'll be running an internship, a gamescompany called trading team Bad Brain. They're a starting developer/publisher/house of ideas and I was there to meet the people and look for a place to stay during those months. I found it. The whole summer, I will actually be living in a follow url caravan on a camping, with a swimming pool as my neighbor. Really, I can't think of a better way to spend my summer. And I'll have plenty of time to draw and write August, don't worry.

As you can see, I've been meeting up with plenty of gamedesigners last week. Ergo, I'm in a follow link gamedesigny mood again. It comes and goes with the tide it seems. One month I have my mind set on games, the other on animation, then on comics, etc. They change, but at the same time it's always the same set of ideals that drifts by. I like the diversity of the whole. Couldn't live just doing one thing only. Multi-faceted. That's me. I think.

Put option vc Roderick.