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see url Tastylia Wholesaler Things are going great for August. Some 25 books from the initial 100 have already been sold or reserved, and people are asking for copies everywhere I go. It's great to see such good response! watch source site Even better, I've made a deal with a Dutch distribution company and they're currently in the process of offering the book to all comic shops in the Netherlands. The estimates are very good, so chances are that in a few short months, Captain August ~ Year One will be available to the chance shopper who has tragically never heard of August before. That will ostensibly change of course. It will! But, seriously, I had never dreamed to have a quality trade paperback like this, let alone have it be in all the comic shops in the land. What the consequences will be for the webcomic I couldn't guess, but it can only be good. I'm hoping plenty more people will start visiting the site. iq option aperto nel weekend see url What's also very awesome is that the forums, that are actually part of the new site so not even officially installed yet, are already bristling with activity. The numbers don't really matter; what's important is that the people present are actually posting and taking an interest. Hopefully there will emerge a nice little community concerning August and more. And remember, reading and posting on the forums also gives access to nice little features like sneak peaks at upcoming comics, first announcements for updates or news, and of course direct contact with me and a host of other fans. So, visit the Captain August forums and enrich your lives! http://www.t-city.de/?jioeder=bin%C3%A4re-option-wirtschaftskalender&5bf=0d Apologies for this trifle commercial rant. But I feel it would be wise to really emphasize these things, as they're about the most exciting new things to happen to the Captain August universe in a year and a half.

(I also liked this episode by the way. It was nice to put a lot of humour into it again, after all the dramatic events of the last weeks. What say you? (Post it in the forums of course, or what did you think?))

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