piattaforme trading online 17 August 2005

get link When you are reading this, I will have long since -a week or so- temporarily (stress!) moved to my parent's home because of our being kicked out of our house. At the moment while I'm writing this however, it seems like a giant evacuation of a disaster-area is going on! Everyone's clearing out their rooms, packing their stuff and leaving emptiness in their wake. Fleeing like rats from a sinking ship. Fortunately, I'm no captain of it, so I'm packing my bags as well. go I've lived here in this abandoned school for eight months now and it was a charming experience, also financially. But now it's time to forcibly get moving, so my room is piled with boxes filled with DVD's and games. When packing I've now twice put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD just to have some exquisite working music while I excavated all the nooks in the room. Obviously, I'm having a cold again now, as has been the case ever since I got back in the Netherlands. Is it the climate here, or the dust, or what? I've been sneezing my lungs out for two weeks now. The only thing that I'm missing is roaring helicopters above us throwing out dangling rope ladders onto which we may latch to be escorted out of here. It would be dramatic and amusing. One day, I tell you, one day. go to link Professional option traders pdf Roderick.

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