GYMTASTIC investire gruppo 12 January 2008

go enter site 2008 has only just started and I've already filled it with many good steps. In the first week I went to the chamber of commerce and registered my company. Consequently, its .com address was scooped up by vultures, who would like to get something for nothing, holding it ransom. I will evidently not comply, but rather opt for the .net variant, which is much more awesome. I will, however, send Mickey Bricks in their direction. Greed must always pay the price. follow site In the second week I stepped into a gym and signed up for a year. Yes, a bold move. I haven't had any real exercise for over eight years, since I was last on high school. I promised myself that after my graduation, when I'd have time and money to spend, I'd get on the right track again. Now it just so happens that there's a wonderful gym just two blocks away and when I went there I quickly discovered that it had a good vibe and was nice and modern. Good equipment, regular lessons, instructors available at all times. Just the thing I wanted. It's expensive, but I can't put a price on my health. It's as true for the world of Diablo as it is for ours: stamina and strength are important things if you want to stop the Lord of Terror from taking over the world, or even cleanse a modest Den of Evil. During my second lesson, last week, I was rounding up the programme composed especially for me, when the instructor asked me if I wanted to join the euphemistically called 'fifteen minutes of abs'. I should have known not to anger the deities of Hell, as this was obviously their punishment. Let us say that at the end I had transformed into something Ursula would gladly put in her garden. Speaking of which, I am anxiously awaiting Blizzard's unveiling of Diablo 3. It's strange... I was really excited about Starcraft 2 when it was announced, but the months of slowly presenting its every unit have diminished my enthusiasm. I'd much rather have the next step in the Diablo world, even though I'll probably love everything they put out. There's just something about Diablo... I hope they'll be able to create something revolutionary in the first place, as the most logical steps forward have already been taken by World of Warcraft, and a simple clone wouldn't do at all!

Well, I'll leave the designing to them. I'll be waiting in my own little Den of Evil. And working on that endurance, anticipating the final battle...

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