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http://pandjrecords.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-cache.php?z3=aHgwTTV2LnBocA== go here So, again about the deplorable state of the gaming industry. Well, actually it?s certainly not bad on all fronts, but there?s one tidbit I?d like to discuss today. http://sofiakarlsson.com/?dsjid=funktioniert-das-mit-den-bin%C3%A4ren-optionen&df0=d8 here It?s about the excellent game Psychonauts from the company Doublefine and gamedesigner Tim Schafer. I?m sure I?ve talked about this before. Now, it would seem that the sales of this title (it?s only out in America yet) are running a bit disappointing. I don?t know exact figures, but unless it?s millions I won?t really be happy. You see the thing is, gamers today are pretty... you know... STUPID. They would rather buy the next EA CRAPtitle than the good stuff. The reason of course because MTV tells them to. And they have no minds of their own. And, like I said, they?re stupid and only deserve crap-o-rama like that. tlc online dating http://cartuccea.it/?oasop=broker-italiani-opzioni-binarie&080=59 The thing I have against this is that genuinely good, original, surprising, creative endeavors get CRUSHED in between. I?ve seen this happen with one of my favourite games of the current, ending generation of consoles; Beyond Good & Evil. And now it?s happening again. A brilliant game comes out that talented people have spent four years on, pouring their love and souls in it, which SHOWS because these are true craftsmen who understand their art. But the average gamer (hereafter to be called ?the Fool?) would rather buy a rehashed version of some generic sportstitle that has been cranked out within a year with about the motherly care of an invitro test-tube embryo. opcje binarne auto That is why today?s rant is dedicated to the Fool. He?s destroying the industry and he doesn?t know, doesn?t care, doesn?t deserve any better. But that leaves us, and the craftsmen, in a bad state. For the love of all that?s sacred, try to buy the quality title next time you?re standing there holding Generic Clone #436 in your one hand, and BG&E in the other. Recognize it. Listen to the right people. Think for yourself. Every time you buy an EA title, a little kitten dies and baby Jesus cries.

Now do the right thing. Support Psychonauts. Buy it, in your own country when it comes out if it hasn?t already, or from the doublefine store to be found on their website. Let?s show the industry that we really do still want quality stuff.

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