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http://diabetologie-eidenmueller.de/?kkoas=demokonto-trading-konto-bin%C3%A4re-optionen&6be=96 I went to the Abunai convention again last weekend for the full three days and brothers, it has rejuvenated me. follow kan man köpa Viagra i tyskland The past few years I felt my interest in conventions like these, which had been a staple of my life for years, waning. Perhaps because of their increase in number (the two big conventions in the Netherlands were suddenly flanked by two single-day events) or perhaps because I had seen it all before: I had gotten jaded and bored with them. Every year saw the same things and they couldn’t really capture my imagination anymore. source link enter So for the past year-and-a-half I took a break, only visiting Abunai (historically my favorite) on Saturday in 2009 and skipping all the others. This year I tried the full three days again and it was a big success. Mainly because the convention changed venue yet again. In 2008 it had moved from the brilliant campus in Enschede, with all its college atmosphere and wonderful classrooms, to a dull city center that wasn’t particularly bad, but didn’t live up to the past. Now it has recaptured that former glory in Veldhoven, in a labyrinthine building that was once a monastery. Within its redecorated cloisters and hallways, that old feeling of getting lost with your friends returned. binaire opties onzin binaire opties bux I cosplayed as a Shinsengumi, one of the historic Japanese samurai who fought for the shogun during the Meiji restoration. I’ll put up some pictures as soon as I get them. I’d been planning the cosplay for many months, so having it finally come together was a great feeling. The costume’s extremely wearable anyway, so dressing up was no punishment.
The only drawback to having such a great time at conventions again is that the wait for next year has become once again, unbearable.

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