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get link It is done! The first year of August is complete! Hurrah! see This would be an excellent time for you to tell me what you thought of my little webcomic. It has long since been my intention to put a replying system on the site to enable you to instantaneously spill your comments, but that'll have to wait for the future. For now, you can reach me via e-mail:, and do feel free to do so, it would help me to know what you think! The second year, as stated, will begin in two weeks. The next four episodes will be specials with little teasers or ads or fanart or whatever. Anything cool I can get my mitts on. Some second year-resolutions: finally getting the long-awaited August movie online (you may remember me telling about an animation I made in december, well, I still have to make a new page for it but dang, have I been busy), increasing the quality of the comic even more, on both graphic and narrative terms, and of course a nice few surprises sure to please all.

What did I think of the first year myself? Needless to say I enjoyed making it. It was an adventure for me to begin with such a long-term project, but doubts on whether I could keep it up quickly vanished when I found the Joy I got from drawing and publishing online. I look back with decided pleasure on how August has evolved from a limpy stickfigure that was rather insecure in form, to that more fleshed-out character he is now. I've definitely put my stamp on the graphic style now, so I'm now more steadfast in dealing with shortsighted claims of visual theft.

On a personal note it has been a tumultuous year as well, with great ups and downs. I've moved twice (which is a feat not to be repeated, ever, again, in one single year), got a great girlfriend, began experimenting heavily with comics (the result of which will be soon sold in small-print on the web and on the yearly Dutch Japanese culture convention Abunai this very weekend), had a smashing internship in Germany, and generally felt pretty good about myself. Nice one.

Stick around for the specials in the coming weeks, I hope you've enjoyed this first year of forex illegal malaysia Captain August and I hope to see you all back in the second year! Cheers! Roderick.

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