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follow link click Around these weeks I'm finalising a research paper I'm writing for my study about in-game character animation. It's quite interesting theory. It's especially fun because I can litter the pages with screenshots from Resident Evil 4, Toonstruck, World of Warcraft and many more and it'll be perfectly acceptable. Academic scrutiny of games as a medium is fun business and I'm glad to be a part of it. That's not to say that I'm not taking it serious, because oh, do I ever. But when the material is fun to dig into like this, work becomes its own hobby. click here Something else, but still related: I'm thinking of getting a new keyboard. This old one, on which I've merrily typed away for years, still works fine, but I notice that the buttons need quite some force to press. With all the typing I'm doing, I need to watch out for RSI and all those other stupid muscle injuries, and I think I can ease my fingers' burden by buying a keyboard with a lighter touch. I've already been exposed to some sore arms and hands, so I have to be careful with this, or else I'll lose the ability to write altogether. get link I knew I didn't buy the best PC around, but it's still a bit disappointing to see that my system can't quite handle the highest resolution and settings of current games as Age of Empires III. I can still play it with some detail, but it still irks me. How much money do I have to spend before I can play this stuff in satisfying detail? But I'm not about to buy a better graphics card, no sir. I have the patience to simply wait another five years, when I'll get a new computer again and be able to play these five year-old games in full-blown detail. I want to make quick money qualify for a mortgage Right, I've got a question for the technically apt for you. On my previous computer I could write crazy non-English accents on words like ? and ? just by pressing respectively ' or ^ and then the e or appropriate letter. However, on my current computer this setting is gone, even though I have the same keyboard. Does anyone know where I can change this? I've already looked in a lot of places but I can't seem to find it, and it doesn't seem to me it could be a setting the system just arbitrarily picks. Email me on if you know how I can change this, landlubbers!

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