13 October 2004

The site is far from perfect. That is, there are still little flaws here and there that I'm spotting over time. Since last friday I've corrected, amongst others, the email address on the Contact-page. I didn't even know it wasn't working, but now it is. I had forgotten a little piece of code. And that's the point, you see: I'm not that proficient in building websites yet. I've only had moderate experience with Dreamweaver, and usually solve common problems with a host of tricks and sidesteps to work around the stuff that actually requires some in-depth knowledge about the program.

Imagine what it's doing to my head now that I'm trying to convert the site to a PHP-layout. Assuming you know as much about websites as I do: PHP is a style of scripting with which you can automate large parts of your site. It then adapts to a more modular build where a single page is contructed out of various bits and pieces. It's like a giant puzzle, except one I'm not very good at. I got the offer from a nigh-colleague from Idle Thumbs (which is a website about gaming lauding the practice of the revolutionary New Games Journalism), who knows the way in HTML-land and convinced me that I need PHP and that the very existence of the space-time continu?m depends on it. Who am I to argue?

So I'm quietly working on the new and improved version of the site, but in the meantime our little strip charges happily forward, unaware of the big changes coming to its surroundings. Even without the PHP, there's new content on the site. With the appearance of a strange new character in the saga, so has the site updated itself to include precious information about him to be found on the Questionmark-page. Exciting.

So let's all have us a juicy canister of space-grog(TM) and quaff away the days till the next update. See you on saturday!