12 June 2010

The short political outcome of the Dutch elections: the right wing won with equal measures of progressive and conservative votes. My own party of choice, progressive center D66, tripled its amount of seats in the House of Representatives, but still only has ten of ‘em. What rests now is a probably very difficult period of forming a new government. With difficult political waters ahead, it’s imperative that there’s a stable, active government. With these results, that is sure to be tricky. We’ll see.

Are we all liking the current episodes of Captain August? For me, too, it takes a little getting used to again. For instance, I noticed some of the storytelling in recent episodes was a bit off or incomprehensible (space battles are deceptively hard to do!). Visually too, some of the pages felt a little sparse, thin. I’m trying to address that in the ones that I’m currently producing. Because I try to work ahead, you’ll only notice those changes a few weeks down the line though. August should always strive to be as rich and silly as possible.

As far as storylines go, I think we’re going in a good direction. Pawns are being placed on the board. Soon the board will be full, and battle will commence. Old friends, new foes and unexpected allies, but also old foes and new allies, along with unexpected friends, and unexpected foes. They’ll all be there on the board.

Then there’s the gorilla. He is troubling.