source 23 August 2006

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Tastylia Order 20 MG broker online opzioni binarie Right, I'm back from my vacation and it was pretty nice, we had less rain than I had anticipated, so I even managed to swim in the frozen sea beyond our shore. One the greatest things we always do on vacations such as these is that we take these incredibly long, exhausting, nightly walks that sometimes last for 5 hours. Droppings of the sort, that go horribly wrong each an every time. This year we walked from IJmuiden to Zandvoort, which was only 8 kilometres so easily doable. Ploughing through the beach is pretty tiring though, but these are always the highlights of the week; and I look forward to them with anticipation and a great dreading. Being on vacation meant I didn't work on August, so the small buffer I had painstakingly prepared has melted away like stuff that melts away easily when provoked. follow url In my absence, faithful reader Mike (who was already featured in one of the previous rant on a photograph) made an attempt at a gif-animation. Look! go to link binary options signals service free It's Li'l Cranium, doing a jiggy. Granted, it's not the most spine-tinglingly awesome animation ever, but it's a promising debut and hopefully it will serve as inspiration for some of you to make some cool August-related stuff as well. I know there are plenty of creative minds reading this, so don't be shy, step right up! I promise there will be awesome amounts of exposure! You may thank Mike for the inevitable upcoming arms race of the artistic nature.

Something else: Pokémon. Long-cherished love, years-long obsession, kinda lost it in previous years but then eventually everything runs dry. Anyway, there's a new DS version coming and if my sweet and cruel girlfriend hasn't already begun hyping me for it! Now I'm already all anxious to play the game, when it's not due to arrive here for maybe half a year! What kind of insidious ploy is this?! The last Pokémon game I played was Yellow, on an emulator on my PC. Hardly the ideal setup, yet I pushed through to nearly the end. I haven't touched other iterations on the handhelds yet, so you could say I'm pretty excited even though I know it'll be practically the same and I shouldn't expect an awe-inspiring deep RPG-experience with surprising depth. But that doesn't matter (even though it already irks me that the creators are being so hopelessly conservative); I just wanna catch 'em all again.

You're going to like the next episode, by the way.

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