source investire 29 October 2005

see url go I'm in a bit of a bad mood now. It's late and I still have to finish August and this rant and I just watched a stupid Hollywood-movie (if you must know, 'the 40-year old virgin', my friend downloaded it and even that wasn't worth it -but I'm being a bit harsh now). It wasn't that the movie was that crappy, because it was entertaining enough, but it's an accumulation of things. One of my housemates got token drunk and as I had expected with a movie about virginity, there were some comments and bragging of the sexual persuasion that were, though well-hidden en subtle, still archetypical of people I'd be embarrassed to live with. Köp Cialis Östersund (Frösön Air Base) click here But I have to say I'm cranky right now so I'm exaggerating it all and it probably wouldn't have even been noticed by anyone a bit less pedantic and/or pernickety than me. binary option prosignals best dating spots in orange county I'm doubting whether I should buy Advance Wars DS or not. I still have the exact amount of money to use from my animation-budget, so it wouldn't cost me anything, but I'm still not sure. It seems like an OK game, don't get me wrong. And I'll be damned if I buy Castlevania DS here in Europe because the cover here is godawful with trite anime-style art instead of the usual gorgeous realistic and gothic manga. But I've been playing too many games already, and with the amount of working I have to do (and Oblivion in sight) I have to be careful not to strain my hands too much. Carpet Tunnel Syndrome I believe it's called in English. Seeing how Advance Wars takes a while to complete, I may be better off just buying a few DVD's with the money. go Tomorrow I have an exciting meeting with some people. Mysterious, eh? Yes, I bet you'd like to hear what that is all about. Roderick.

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