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go to site here I have started playing World of Warcraft again, after a pause of more than a year which began at the end of May last year. At the time I quit playing my level 40 Undead Warlock because I was going to Germany for two months for my internship and frankly, I didn't have any friends to play with so I was missing out on all the stuff you do in a group anyway. Instances, dungeons, raids, whatever; it was all passing me by. follow A month ago however, roommate Jasper began playing it, and quickly he had infected roommate Tom as well. I needed to rest my hands this summer, so I waited a month to heal somewhat and then I jumped in again as well. Note that I'm still very careful with it; I try not to play longer than one hour at a time and only a few times a day. This to prevent my RSI from returning all too strongly again. So now I just leisurely play a bit every day. We're starting a guild and we're trying to go for one composed only of people we actually physically know. I have no interest in having a massive guild of strangers which I need to police and who are not necessarily unreliable, but whom I can't then relate to with adventures in real life. It's nothing personal; but this is way more fun and less of a hassle. I just hope my roommates keep this vision in mind as well. Friends = good, strangers = bad. click source So, on to the specifics. It's an Orc Hunter, level 16. I started out with a Rogue because I didn't want another pet-based class after my Warlock. But the Rogue just wasn't my thing and I felt very unhappy with it. I couldn't relate to him at all, with his sneaking and backstabbing. I love that sort of stuff in Splinter Cell, but here it just seemed to take the zestful energy out of the game. At level 9 I quit him and started a Hunter and immediately loved it. Sure it was another class with a pet, but subtly different. I loved the guns and the long-distance, ranged attacks and that you have to feed your pet to keep him happy. So I really like him. And for the first time there's a chance I'll actually finish some instance dungeons, so I'm excited about this. full quote netdania Even though I'm doing all of the quests for a second time. But what the heck, it feels good to be back, even if the game will always hold some dubious ambiguity over me; one that requires the insightful observation of an entire psychological paper rather than a few words during in casual rant and will thusly stay unspoken of here.

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