05 November 2005

So I bought Advance Wars DS. It was either that or a copy of Age of Empires III that a friendly clerk offered to me 3 days before he was allowed to actually sell it to people. But I refused his offer, because it would have meant spending more money, and I was already tight.

Even Advance Wars DS came back to bite me in my behind later on, because I got a call that same day that my spiffy new glasses were ready. I went to the store (a specialized boutique of course; the discounters don't have any radical models that I'd want to put on my radical head) and didn't I know it: my coffers had run dry. I was in a pickle.

Fortunately, the friendly clerk (it was a theme that day) told me I could bring the remaining 12 Silverlings the next week and took it on faith. Of course my address, phone number, bank account and basically everything else was in their computer, but disregarding that huge safety net; it was more than many other stores would do.

Oh, and the glasses look awesome by the way. It's a mix of insidious goofiness and comfortable largesse. Sure to surprise friend and foe!