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opciones binarias son un fraude

app per opzioni binarie http://www.mongoliatravelguide.mn/?sakson=qualcuno-di-voi-fa-trading-su-opzioni-binarie&447=a9 The Great Work has begun! Like I state in that topic, everything is in place for a grand onslaught of August marketing. This ما هى iq option press release has been sent to a number of national and international sources and media, and hopefully they'll pick the item up. I've already been contacted by some of them for a small interview or article, so hopefully things will go well.
But we're not there yet. August will need our combined effort to succeed. That's why I'm asking you to visit the topic that I linked at the beginning of the rant and see if there's anything you can do to spread the Good Word. Your help is much appreciated and will be noticed!

So far there have been mixed reactions on the new site. On the whole, people enjoy that there is more stuff to do and agree that it has become a more interesting site. Visually, however, the consensus is that the design has lost something in appeal and flavour. And I partly agree with them. I'm a terrible webdesigner, this I know. The fact that the old site had a certain get link je ne sais quoi must have been a stroke of luck, an accidental spirit of chance that floated through its creation. But don't worry. No site lasts forever. If anything, this will give great incentive to make something http://arrohattoc.com/?pismovuystol=ask-dating-sites really extraordinary next time. Which may be soon.

Lastly; the http://weki.com.np/?timer=opzioni-binarie-significato&693=c7 Nintendo Wii. Or rather, the http://79thstreet.org/?dkiis=cosa-%C3%A8-autopzionibinarie&b92=dc Wii. I've slept over it for a couple of nights now, and as I expected, it grows on me. It's not a passionate love yet, but once I get the machine that may come still. But then it's not the name that I loathed so much; it's the marketing gestures behind it. Instead of going for the whimsical originality that I love and crave so much from Nintendo, they opted to emulate the hipness of Sony and Apple, and failed doing so. They're trying to brand the console as some sort of new i-pod, severing the very notion it has anything to do with gaming and instead going into that strange realm of abstract names. How un-like Nintendo to beat around the bush.

Again, the name will grow on me, I know that for a fact. But the marketing, ai-ai-ai. Don't try to be so hip, Nintendo. We love you for your originality, not for your eagerness to join the conservative red ocean rulers.

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