auto binari trading 28 October 2006 tastylia uk Our campaign to publicize the event of Year Three is plodding along quaintly, with the newest outburst ever updated in this topic. Next to that, however, a complete interview was recently posted in the online Stripel Magazine, who earlier already held an interview with me. They seem to hold Year Three in some regard, which is always nice to hear. Read the interview! There are quite some interesting musings on Moby Dick in there, which you may not get anywhere else, so catch it. problemi versamento visa iq option binary options template This weekend I'm at Abunai, the yearly Dutch anime convention. I have no hopes of selling more than one or two Captain August books there, so I'm not going to invest a lot of time in it. Better to just have fun with good friend Tim, who will be there as well. I don't see him very often in real life, so it's a treat. At the same time, it's actually one of the main reasons I'm going. What am I going to do on Abunai anyway? Sure I'll watch a few movies (series I avoid since I can't see them completely), play some games, spend most of my time in the dealerroom just because it's the most social place, but in the end every year I feel I have less and less to do there. I've got less and less interest in most of the people present and really just got o hang out with some friends I already know. click But, you know, sometimes it doesn't have to be more than that. I'll see you again on wednesday. And don't be afraid to force your friends to start reading Captain August in the meantime. I'm serious.

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