04 November 2006

Captain on the bridge! Or rather, deck. I know a lot of you had been waiting for this moment, and now Captain August has finally made his entry into Year Three of his own comic. About freaking time, eh!

Last Wednesday a small four-panel comic I made was in a national free newspaper spread in Dutch trains and buses; the Spits. It was for a pass-it-on strip; I had to take the last panel of the previous one and elaborate on it, thus thrusting the project in a direction of my choosing. I made such a cool strip they apparently deemed it necessary to plug the whole thing, as they wrote in the newspaper that next week's comic would end it. Heh. Regardless, awesome exposure for August of course, as I made sure the website was mentioned twice. Hopefully at least a few inspired people will try it out, end up here and decide it was an awesome choice.

Mon and I made pumpkins for Halloween this week and they became quite nice. We had a small batch of them that Mon had grown herself over the months and this week we cut open, hollowed out and mutilated the fruits of her labour. And I have pictures.

Look at this happy bunch! They're so jolly and warm inside! And who is that there to the right,? Could that be,?

It's Nuch! Wow, this surely was a splendid Halloween! Order your very own Nuch pumpkin now, for only , 599,99! But all craziness on a little stick; I had a fun time making those babies. Though the hollowing out was gruesome. Ask Mon.