MY ICE CREAM ADVENTURE see url 08 November 2006

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source site Köp Viagra Jönköping I was eating some ice cream just now; stracciatella flavour, which amounts to vanilla with chocolate sprinkles through it. Quite nice, cheap and in favourable quantities. Regardless, I was watching Scrubs while doing so and casually scooping it directly from the package into my mouth. Now the ice caused some condensation to appear, making the whole thing slippery. And wouldn't you know it, as I chipped off some ice from the rock-hard rectangular glacier, I lost my grip on the thing and my spoon shot upwards. see what are binary options investopedia\' I immediately looked around the room as I had the powerful feeling I had just catapulted a bolt of ice cream through the air. Some place. But I couldn't find it. Nowhere in my room lay a reassuring wad of chocolate-sprinkled goodness. And when a man can't find something immediately, he tends to the rest of his ice cream, which is equally deserving of attention and love and being doused in stomach acids. binary options demo account 60 seconds see I finished watching Scrubs and then my roommates called me 'cause the new Family Guy was in and it was again hilarious. They should make a series out of it instead of releasing these singular specials every three months. I went about my daily evenings, looking on the internet for news, getting riled up about our shameful government (the latest screw-up: Prime Minister Balkenende and minister of foreign affairs Bot told to the press that they were content with Saddam's death sentence; taking a crap on our own justice system which is against the penalty and also -oh I don't know- the teachings of Jesus Christ they claim to hold in such high regard), and other things. I'll talk about politics another day soon, by the way, since the elections are coming up and we desperately need a change of regime. After all this, I happened to look next to me. There it was, blissfully melting away into my bed sheets. My stracciatella runaway. He didn't escape me long. In the end, they all get what's coming to them.

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