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watch I thought after the news that I'd be doing a two-page Phoenix Wright 2 review for the [N]Gamer I'd have reached somewhat the summit of my newly acquired social upgrade in the ranks of the freelance game journalist. I was wrong. My editor called me this week and asked me to my complete astonishment if I'd consider doing a six-page review of Twilight Princess. I'd be provided with an American Wii and the game of course. trading borsa online My enthusiasm was immense but so was my sense of responsibility. Needless to say this article had to be all-encompassing; it had to hit the mark 100%. Something as weighty as a new Zelda one does not carelessly review. And there were other factors that made this a heavy assignment. The job came with the firm recommendation that I finish the game completely so as not to leave anything to chance. This is of course no small feat with a game as vast as Twilight Princess, and to make things worse I am to have only a small two weeks for this. For a short while I considered this assignment. I knew it'd take a lot of dedication and entail that I spend my every waking, free hour either playing or writing. But at the same time, it is a huge step upwards for my, well, 'career' and a prestigious article at that. It might well be the cover story. get link andamento valute opzioni binarie After all these considerations, I took the job. There's still a chance it might not proceed if delivery of the Wii from across the ocean fails, but the odds are good things will go right. And if this is so, I don't know where I'll find the time to take care of Captain August for those two weeks. I'm sure I'll think of something. To me, this feels like something that I can use to prove myself to the world of game journalism. So I'm going to give it all I've got, attempting to make it an epic article that runs deep with not only aspects of the game, but also everything that's surrounding it. Let's hope this all works out. No pressure. Also, I hope all of you read the previous rant about Dutch politics. It's only a few days until the elections here, Wednesday being E-day and deciding how this country will be ruled over for the next four years. If you are inspired or provoked by what I wrote, don't be afraid to come over to the forums and discuss things there (just use the menu bar to the left), or write me an e-mail personally. binare optionen ohne einzahlung Roderick.

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