22 November 2006

A person on school directed my attention to a flaw in one of my previous writings. A few rants back I spoke about Iraq and then asked if I couldn't just call it Persia as it was a much more exotic name. Now, apparently, this was a great insult to the beautiful people of Iraq, as it is Iran that was previously known as Persia. Iraq, on the other hand, was only once part of the Persian Empire and was in ancient times occupied by the good Sumerians, the noble Akkadians, the crafty Babylonians and also the trepid Assyrians. Quite a difference, I should say. I hope this resolves any and all grudges held against me and the fatwa can be withdrawn now.

Yesterday I was at Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam for another presentation of the R&D project we're doing for them. That went well and all, can't tell you a lot about it, but what happened then I have to share. They had, casually standing in a classically designed conference room, an HD-ready TV that must've been 1.5 metres wide. And on it played Gears of effing War. And it looked SUPERB. The TV and Xbox360 fused into one gyrating organism directly feeding the gore and momentum of the game into my cerebrum. Those sweet ten minutes I crouched behind covering rocks and popped up to shoot people, threw a careless grenade on a chain and ran up to baddies to create a FUBAR artwork with my chainsaw were among the most immersive I've ever had.

I'm telling you, 1.5 metre TV's are the way to go. Anything less will feel like I'm not really living at all. Also, we got to play some early stuff from Killzone 2, but as always, NDA, NDA... How it must sting you.

Today is E-day! The Dutch elections are up, the race is far from over and it's really exciting. Let's hope a left-wing government will emerge to right the wrongs of our current paths. Personally, I hope the SP will grow to be a formidable force, but really, on this all of the left wing is united: things have to change and our society has to become more social, more geared towards respect and a sense of responsibility. No longer just economy and the winner takes all. So, happy voting everyone! Let's make our country better!