Wii PROBLEMS click 09 December 2006

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go source url I know it's terribly jaded of me, but I still feel a bit disappointed that I couldn't get my mitts on a Nintendo Wii today, the official day-before-launch day. Which really is the day you can already actually get the thing at stores. Universally known and accepted. It's jaded of me because I have of course already been playing Zelda for two weeks. But the thing is, I still could have done some writing jobs for [N]Gamer if I had just gotten the console today. But now I'll have to wait until next week due to 'logistic problems', which is short for Nintendo couldn't get the transportation right even with months of preparation time. It seems no launch can go smoothly. Tastylia Oral Strip no prescription The not being able to write is of course only one side of the puzzle. The other side is also just plain, petty disappointment that I'm not with the die-hard few that got it today. Though actually -I don't really care, so what am I wasting precious words for? The game I should've reviewed was Rampage: Total Destruction. So you can understand I'm not really, not really, terribly heartbroken that the game is up and the job cancelled. Still, you know, it can be quite fun to review mediocre or bad games. More often than not the more amusing articles spring from them like frozen cavemen from a glacier that's heating up through global warming. options trading nse india So, our school project for Guerrilla is nearly at an end; we're in the final three weeks and that means crunch time! So far I've been pretty much spared since I'm no longer with the game design crew but got transferred to the art team where I am now a texture monkey doing simple menial labour. Indispensable, but menial. The feeling throughout the team is kind of that we're all weary of the project now and we'd like to see it concluded. Only a short while more though, and then we'll have a really cool game. cycle identifier indicator binary options After that I'll start my personal project for the remainder of school. I still haven't really thought of what I want to create in that half year, so I'll have to think of something by January. My initial ideas are some sort of animation (gasp! animation!) looking like it's from a cutscene from some game. Or maybe an interactive Phoenix Wright-esque case. Or a fake movie-trailer. See, I've got enough ideas, but I don't want to spend a lot of time actually animating, since that's just not something I want to do in the future. So I'll probably think economic.

See you next week. Roderick.

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