16 December 2006

Well, unfortunately, as it seems now, the chances of me buying a room soon are postponed. It all turned out just a tad more expensive than expected and pretended, and the apartment I fancied was gone shortly after I arranged to check it out. So that took care of that idea, and with it my plan to paint a newly owned wall. Pity!

I have, however, some more tricks up my sleeve. Buying may not be an option anymore, but renting is still a possibility, even though I had rather set my mind on owning something. And the problems aren't gone completely either: it's tremendously difficult and expensive to get even a small place in the three big cities I'm considering. Utrecht, Amsterdam and Harlem: they're all bitches when it comes to finding a condo. Pity!

I added insult to injury by looking into the prices of rooms outside the big city, for instance in Tiel, where I live now. And obviously, the more obscure the town; the cheaper the prices are. Affordable, even! Why is housing so damn expensive here in the Netherlands? I don't want to pay over 450 Euros a month for a small, old apartment with shared facilities!

Fortunately, I still have until the end of April to find something. It will be difficult, as I don't really want to settle for anything crappy anymore: I've left that student flexibility behind me now and would like something decent. I'm still not asking terribly much and my demands are hardly extravagant, but these prices are ridiculous in relation to what you get for them. So it might become an impossible task finding something that suits my needs and is affordable at that. And straying too far from the big city isn't an option either, as I'd become unhappy there, feeling I was missing out on life during my early adolescent years. We can't have that. So it's back to searching for a piece of hay in a diamond-stack. Pity!

CONTEST: If anyone has some cool ideas, knows something or can help me get further in my search, please mail me! I'd be very grateful and a winning lead will earn you a free August book, some buttons and an autographed drawing!