06 January 2007

Those of you visiting the forums will already know this: an era has passed, I cut off my hair! At long last I caved in under the pressure of my mom's endless lamentations about my scruffy-looking coup. Also, she bribed me with a hat. And I do love a good hat.

So out come the scissors and off came my dreads. I had only had them for a good half year, so they weren't fully matured yet. But that wouldn't have stopped Dr. House in a life-threatening medical decision, and neither did it stop me. The precious newborn were cut down where they stood and landed unceremoniously on an old newspaper. I did it in stages, so at first I had wild short hair; then I was millimetred and finally I took up a razor and shaved my head smooth. Or well, as smooth as it could get.

I thought it looked kind of nice, a bald head, so it certainly wasn't a bad move, but it just didn't feel right. Some fabrics have always been anathema to me, especially velvet. I just can't stand stroking velvet in the wrong way, with all the bristles rising up against my skin in complaint of the travesty. And now my head felt like it was carpeted with the damn stuff. So I'm just gonna let it grow back until it's a centimetre long again, and keep it that way for some time. That way I can always wear my spiffy new hat.

It's a fedora-style Mayser, black with a nice leather band around it. Classy yet not out of place on the streets. Though my hat is too good for the streets. I only wear it indoors. Ta-ta.