THE PROJECT IS DONE! see 27 January 2007 la martingala alle opzioni digitali Our project on school is finally done and last week we presented our research findings and instructive demo to Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam. The fruits of our labour, and the first step towards my getting a Master in Animation; and the dudes at Holland's largest gaming studio dug it! I can't tell you a whole lot more about it, everything being so hush-hush and secretive that they even got us to sign a SECOND NDA. Though that might have just been an administrative error. Better safe than sorry of course, so if I take my knowledge to the bank they can whip my ass with two signed pieces of stranglehold now. go to link les femme qui cherche homme pour mariage en france After the presentation -and I'm sure they won't mind me writing this here- we got to play multiplayer rounds of Killzone 2 on Playstation 3 devkits. It was obviously in an unfinished state, but already smooth as butter. They're really nailing this one. The controls are fluent and blowing each other up is already fun. I'm hardly the one for stout predictions, but I think Killzone 2 will turn out to be an absolutely delicious game. Mark my words. opcje binarne usa follow That's all I can say about it, you'll understand. No specifics. Well, with that project closed off, it's time to focus on my personal project for the coming half year. I have no idea yet what I'll do, which may pose a problem if I still can't think of something in the next weeks. I'm sure something'll come along. It has to! Roderick.

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