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enter Personally, I find nothing more boring than playing a game where you are, yet again, some completely generic, pretty, post-teenage, do-good guy with possibly some faux-edginess inserted somewhere to make him artificially 'cool'. You recognise him: of course! He's been the star of 90% of all the games out there! Booooooring. köp Sildenafil Citrate stockholm go site Hey Games Industry: wake up! You've milked this archetype for all it's worth. We've been there. We've had it. We know this guy. Now give us something different. Something interesting. binaire opties rendement enter site Here's a crazy notion: character that are perfect aren't interesting. They aren't interesting at all. Some teenage boo-hoo kid with his heart on the right spot? Big deal! We want scars. You got that? Scars. Or geriatrics. Where's the game that lets me play as a geriatric guy but still makes me feel awesome? Why can't I play the villain? Grand Theft Auto lets you do that of course, but they're all smug and uncharismatic. They're thugs. I want to play with someone who has the suave-ness of the villain, but isn't necessarily evil. Perfect example: Manny Calavera. He's not a bad seed, but he's no holy bean either. So there you have it; he's already there. You only have to steal it, Games Industry. We know how much you hate to be creative by yourself. But seriously. I am fed up with all the generic leads. Japanese pretty-boy or American tough guy, I don't care. I don't want them. I want people who'll let me discover parts of the human condition that I CAN'T figure out by myself already. And maybe parts that oscillate with some of my own less pleasant sides. And don't give us models and manakins. Give us the physically intruiging. The Quasimodos. The Two-Faces. So give us people who are out of the ordinary. Doesn't have to be larger than life, if that doesn't suit your game, but just someone who has something real to deal with. Something other than 'boy howdy I'd sure like to go on an adventure, but boy am I bored!'. Well, you and me both, kid.

Bored out of our skulls with your omnipresent whining.

enter Roderick.

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