enter site go site 17 February 2007 opzioni binarie bot That's it right there, that dot on the horizon! It's the middle-point of this year! Episode 250 of Year Three, and it's gaining speed. After that, it's a trip downhill. Hopefully not in quality. dating dancing with the stars脙炉cidi.pdf I know some of you aren't liking this year. You miss the old August and you don't really care for weird stories on vengeful olf men that don't seem to go anywhere. That's a perfectly fine opinion. After all, I never confessed to be bringing comic gold to your doorsteps. All I said (and could say) was: I've got this bold idea and I'd like you to hop along for the ride. Just follow me and we'll see where this ends up. go I'd like to ask you again to stay with me until the story's finished. Perhaps you'll find some gratification when it's done, or maybe it'll just be one big relief to you. Regardless, I mean to see this through to the end. I wanted to create this thing and I'm going to do so. I'm still betting my money on the endresult being surprisingly neat to read in one go, even if it doesn't work 100% as an episodic webcomic. And when Year Three is done, if August still exists in this gritty world of free comics, I plan to do a return to form. Not just to where I left at the end of Year Two, but way back to the very beginning. A return to the non sequitur weirdness of the very first year. It'll be gloriously un-epic. Just what you'd like. Roderick.

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