SWEDEN siti per investire in borsa opzioni binarie 28 February 2007

how to build algorithmic trading system demo binary options trading account I'm going to Sweden next week. How about that? And not just for yucks either; it's an honest-to-god press trip. I'm going for GMR, a relatively new Dutch multi-platform magazine (sister-magazine to [N]Gamer, which you'll all know by now), and it's for the purposes of previewing World in Conflict for the PC. So Vivendi is flying us all to Scandinavia to get a taste of their big new game. استراتيجية مضاعفة خيار ثنائي follow My editor-in-chief called me last week and just asked if I'd like to go to Sweden. After the initial shock (these kinds of press trips are quite new to me so they take some getting used to), I jumped on the opportunity. Seems like a perfectly nice way to spend a few days. In the Hilton, that is! So I'll get back to you on how it was. Maybe! Because I'm highly unreliable when to comes to what I write! 20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Online get link In a dash of madness, I signed up for no less than two of those horrible voting sites. I thought: let's ramp up the readers and get August in a top 100 or something. I even prepared those hideous voting buttons. Here, take a look: here


Horrific, aren't they? I wouldn't mind you voting for me, of course, but I suddenly realised I don't want those things on my site. Brrrr. The thought alone. So let's just quickly forget all this business and stay safely hidden in absolute obscurity. Roderick.