14 October 2006

I'm indulging in a bit of political ennui here, if not to say outright anger. So be warned. We all know that North Korea is now a nuclear force. This is in itself a bad thing, because in case you were still in the blue, nuclear arms are effing dangerous. An ideal situation would be a complete, synchronized disarmament of all nuclear weapons around the world. That's not going to happen, but there you have it. The united people of the world are completely right in pointing their finger at North Korea in saying: 'Shame on you.' But the sheer political hypocrisy that accompanies this is infuriating. Yeah. I'm talking about America again, although there's plenty of hypocrisy to go around without them.

I already thought something stank when America got all morally indignant at Iraq supposedly building nuclear arms and invaded them (which, surprise!, happened to be just a false pretext to secure oil reserves, haha!). Dutch intellectual and tv-personality (and overall swell guy) Maarten van Rossum confirmed suspicions that this lead other countries that Mr. President so tactfully dubbed the 'axis of evil' (you'll have to imagine his hapless voice yourself here, I'm afraid) to feel immensely threatened and rush to build up their own arms stockpiles. Way to go to demonize aloof countries that were on the verge of crumbling and posed less threat every year into becoming nuclear threats!

To get back to my earlier point, it's total hypocrisy of course, since America has shown itself in the past years to be the most dangerous country of all, yet no one's pressuring them to disarm or penalizing them for building missiles. But as soon as anybody else tries it, it's invasion time! Lock and load, boys; the cowboys are on the way to teach them axis of evil'uns a lesson!

So, now that we're one step closer to a nuclear holocaust again, it's time I scaled back to my own country and started nailing some of our own politicians to the wall. Let's start with our own hapless mini-president; Prime Minister Balkenende. He always has the mouth full of morals. He told us that morals should make a re-entry into society. Gosh, he was going on about it for so long that it almost seemed like an ugly thing, but I can pierce the propaganda here and say that morals are not a bad thing in a civilisation. Keeps things running smooth, keeps overall morale high and there's something to be said for common decency: respect thine elders is a thing I can back whole-heartedly. But here's that nasty hypocrisy again,

I can accept that when Balkenende visited Mr. Bush (he's actually not president, remember? Stealing the elections and whatnot) the man was totally swept away with joy of finally being recognized in the world, and that he blatantly agreed with everything that was spoonfed what must have been directly into his colon. Since that day a few years back, our government finally learned what the rest of us knew all this time: the American Neo-conservatives are fucking evil. They lied to the world about motivations for invading Iraq, lied about secret prisons in Europe, lied about torturing in Guantamo Bay, hell, there's no telling where the lies end. It's the boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome: at this point anything they say is suspect. And with the Americans sneaking through human rights conventions and legalizing torture, and that dick John Bolton publicly renouncing the UN's authority -let's just say there's ground for some serious reprimanding there.

And what does the Dutch government do? Some vague allusions to being somewhat disgruntled. I believe that accurately captures their reaction there. Where are your morals now, Prime Minister? Why don't you stand up against outrages like this? For that matter, why doesn't anyone over there? Ben Bot, minister of foreign affairs, why do you keep quiet? I've lost all trust in the government on this subject. I resent that we're this docile joke of a nation that doesn't dare stand up because we're afraid of- what? Getting invaded? Oh, I have no illusions that the Neo-con administration would have no reservations in doing that, but I still think it's a pretty long shot. Let's get down to business. The only way our government can get my respect back is if they would not only publicly reprimand the American one for lying, torturing, warmongering and not keeping to UN regulations but also give them a warning not to continue on this path if they don't want to face international scorn and whatever sanctions we might be able to lay upon them. Even if this is just a piece of theatre -because we might be powerless against the Fourth Reich- it must be done. We must openly criticize this despicable American government that is hurling our world into catastrophe.

And for god's sake, man. Do it while the fire is hot and the people who are responsible are still running the show, instead of as an afterthought in the safety of wir hab's nicht gewussen.