click here get link 25 April 2007 Though Dutch blood runs through my veins and with it a supposed tradition of tolerance and liberalmindedness, I find myself to be quite intolerant of religion, as you may have noticed by my passionate rants against it. I think it might be good for myself, and perhaps amusing or enlightening for you, to analyse where this is coming from. Reflecting upon myself, there are a few reasons to be discovered, some nastier than others. I don't presume to be able to psycho-analyse myself in any professional, Freudian sense, but there may be some things of interest I might unearth. korean celebrity dating couples Reason One
I think religion is dangerous and testifiably so. History shows us how time and time again religion has not only impeded on man's intellectual progress; it has also destroyed lives by the bucketful. I will attempt not to start summing things up again now, which is a path easily walked, justifiably so. And as with all things one sees as a danger, one deals with it. This is a big reason why I just can't be tolerant of religion: there's a very real threat that it is religion that will eventually bring about the destruction of our entire race through wars that are right now building up through ever-increasing fundamentalism and radicalism. Negotiations fail where religion is concerned, because it polarises men. Oftentimes, of course, religion is only the tool that is used to bring people to hate each other and not in itself the source, but then it's just like guns: though people pull the trigger, why give them the means to kill in the first place?

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I have an overburdening sense of responsibility in this field. The fate of the world rests on my shoulders -or so I sometimes feel. Through this, my perceived threat of religion chases me into a crusade against it, ironically enough. Because of it I can neither let it go nor adopt a laissez-faire attitude. Though it appears to be an overwhelming trend in Western youth to say fuck it and take on the mantle of nihilistic or materialistic egoism, I just can't be that damned uninvolved. I wish I could -it would make my life three hundred percent easier. But injustice and worldly problems can trouble me greatly and just like Frodo hanging on a cliff in Mount Doom reaching for the One Ring: I can't let it go.

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Hanging together with reason two: in a slight Napoleonic complex, I presume most people of the world to be less sharp than I am, which leads me to fear they would fall for the attractions of religion without being able to pierce its shallow layers of logic to discover there's nothing in there. In a strange way, I feel like I have to protect the innocent, na,ve people of the world against the monstrous Leviathan of organized delusion. It's a bit like Bruce Wayne, except without the killed parents in crime alley.

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Religion is outside the realm of logic: no amount of facts about the rise of religion through history or the way man's psychology gave form and shape to it, leading logically to the understanding that religion is a purely manmade device and has no meaning beyond man's own mind, can persuade a person of faith that his conviction is merely opinion; a left-field concept slapped onto basic human emotions of love and cosmic oneness. Religion thus places itself outside of any discussion, and the real stinger is that they then pretend that this opinion is Truth. As such, it infuriates me.

Over a century after the illuminating works of Charles Darwin, half a century after Bertrand Russel's and decades after Richard Dawkins', there is no reason whatsoever to still adhere to ancient beliefs that have been proven erroneous or vapid long ago. The frustration of that stubborn idea of religion still warping the minds of millions around the world, parents feeding their innocent, unspoiled children this nonsense (scarring them for life with it) and the notion that there's still no end to the madness and it might only get worse, what's one man to do except take up the cup and embark on a fool's crusade against the poor multitudes that are entangled in a philosophical vice? At times I feel they are beyond hope; they have been lost to religion and don't even want to be set free. So I ride for the children, and those who have not yet been ensnared. I ride with little hope. I am Napoleon. I am Batman.

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