POKEMON: POH-KE?H-MO-N 02 May 2007

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go i migliori libri opzioni binarie Or to quote Bernard Black: Pac-man! It's pronounced 'Pac-man'! Recently I finally found the time to treat the millions and millions of Pokemon cards I had stashed away on my parent's attic years ago with the respect and dignity they deserve. Instead of leaving them condemned to their erratic pile in a nondescript drawer, they now rest in a neat binder, encased in plastic. I weeded out all the doubles (accounting for 3/4th of them) and concentrated on getting a collection of nice unique cards. Tips to binary trading low deposit In doing this, I rediscovered how much fun I had with these things. The pictures on the cards are of varying quality; some are horrible 3D renders of Pokemon, others really quite nice or silly. And I found myself enjoying dealing with those cards so much that I thought it worthwhile to try to trade all the doubles I have for ones I don't yet possess. So, with the stacks of them tucked in my bag, I left for the local game shoppe which held its card game night on Friday evenings. To my horror, in my absence (of, admittedly, more than a few years) Pokemon had gone out of fashion! It was all Magic this, Magic that again, as it was before the Japanese critters took over some ten years ago. Apparently, their reign was not to last. I found not a single person carrying, so I went home defeated and only slightly embarrassed. source url I quit actually playing the card game long ago, and I don't intend to take it up again. From what I've heard, it has been kind of ruined by uncareful balancing and the publisher flooding the market with overpowered cards; consequently breaking the game. A pity, but I lacked the financial backbone (and desire) to invest in all the regular new sets anyway. No, I rather just want to collect the cards with the nicest pictures, to casually expand my collection and get a nice binder full of pocket monsters. Except, I first have to find people willing to trade, of course.

So, if you still have cards lying around and want to help a casual collector out, do send them to me, for a trade or as a nice gesture. You can find my e-mail address on the contact page. Much obliged.

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