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follow link enter Last weekend was a surprising one; because Friday evening, through sheer chance, I happened upon the information that a convention was being held that very weekend, in Arnhem! That's where I live, right there! So how's that for serendipity? see url It was a small comic convention, mainly for European comics and housing mostly Gelderlandic (which is the province I'm in) artists, though also a lot of the big comickers of our land were present (we name one Hanco Kolk, one Mark Retera, one Mars Gremmen, one Gerard Leever). Nevertheless, despite its size, it turned out to be really nice. Though I'm marching ahead of things. At first I decided I'd just go visit it on Saturday. The entry fee of a trifle three Euros was below any expectations, so that was good. Once in, I brushed through the halls of exposing artists, obviously hanging with the small press people because they're always such entertaining company. Being the entrepreneur I am I also brought some copies of Year One and this came in handy for a trade I executed with Floor de Goede, of Do You Know Flo-fame. I also visited Aim,e, who is somewhat of a celebrity upcoming comicker in the Netherlands with her weekly and various little projects. Though ever timid and shy, she offered me half of her stand, since it was way too big for her alone, which I could occupy on Sunday. enter we point per opzioni binarie download So the next day, I took off with a portion of my ever-dwindling stash of books (get 'em while they're still here, people: order them directly from the online shop on this website!), made some signs and also took my Pokemon cards with me to trade -hey, a collector does what he can to get his fix. And the place was rocking! For some reason, where Saturday had been a bit tame qua visitors, Sunday was bursting, or actually, it just seemed that way. The few people that were there were eager to buy stuff! I'm serious; where I usually have to resort to all sort of merchant's tricks to get folks to pay attention, here they just up and BOUGHT STUFF without any mediation from my side! Sacrebleu! corso di trading per azioni binarie All in all, I sold six books (and a sole Magic card), which isn't bad at all for an afternoon I had initially reserved for the peaceful inking of new pages. Moreover, in true convention fashion, I had delightful chats with an abundance of interesting people, which pleased me in ways convention-less days are incapable of. Networking opportunities: 7 out of 10. Commercial success: 9 out of 10. Work done: 6 out of 10. Fun had: 9 out of 10. Surprise cons rock.

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