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click here It recently occurred to me that the way I view entertainment has changed over the years. go to link I used to consider all entertainment escapism; as a way to escape my own dull and vexing life and submerge myself in wonderful dreamcasts filled with romantic wonder. Is it any wonder I love the fantastic and have always abhorred the realistic in movies, books and games? Science fiction, fantasy, horror and fairytales were delicious, drama anathema and boring. Surely I have enough real life around me to last me a, beg pardon, lifetime? click I still consider this view to be most appropriate and true to me, but there has been another aspect of entertainment that has surfaced as I become more mature and schooled in its workings. This is that rather than using stories as an escape valve, I now also use it as a reflective tool. I look at what I see and use this on my own life, be it as a catalyst for thought, inspiration for my own creations or as a tool for nuancing my opinions. This may seem rather cold and distanced a way to consume ones entertainment, but not so. It has enriched my possibilities and uses for it, though I can choose to simply switch this view off and watch without critical thinking. Much in the way Samus would change her visor and suddenly be able to see through walls in super X-ray vision. Man, it rocks. investing practice account Now comes the point where I disappoint you by making it clear there isn't really any more to this and the conclusion or brilliant apotheosis you were all waiting for isn't coming. Tough! I'm eating strawberries right now, which is kind of a rarity for me. But not so unique as last Friday, when I ate my first grape ever. Didn't really like it.

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