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كي٠ية كسب المال السريع بشكل غير قانوني The little press release we sent out a week ago to celebrate the start of year three got some welcome attention from a few sites. All in all still peanuts, but it's a start nonetheless. So far, Comixpedia; Digital Strips; the Webcomiclist and Zoinks Magazine all put a few lines on their blog or magazine to publicize the event. Let's hope there will be more and that the news will pick up steam. source I finally have the boxset of Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors in my possession! Half of the series -a total of 30 episodes- is now in my hands. I've already watched a few of them and so far it doesn't disappoint. I should mention it's a French boxset, because it isn't out in English (yet). My French isn't so good that I can understand everything, but the plots aren't so difficult that I can't simply gather what's happening from the few words I pick up and the action on screen. For a while I was afraid that the series wouldn't be fun anymore and that all that was keeping me attached to it was fading nostalgia. Fortunately, the characters are endearing, the graphic style is great and the villain, Sawboss (or Discorde in French), is superbly designed. Yes! Another 80s cartoon that has managed to survive its decade! follow What is really awesome is that the galaxy feels very thick and rich. I'm pondering on why this is and I think I know it. It's because the Monsterminds (or infinitely cooler, Monstroplantes) use thick green vines for everything (invasion, transport), and those vines have the ability to crawl into space and create sort of, err, highways there. Thus, space isn't some empty and lifeless void here, but a dangerous battlefield of vegetation! It may sound ridiculous, but this is really a reason why it feels so much richer for me. What is also a testament to the series is how the plant-based science fiction still feels so fresh. It's been used before and since then of course, but it's still fresher than themes such as western sci-fi or high sci-fi, which have had far more room to breathe. strategia bande bollinger opzioni binarie I'm going to enjoy watching this. Even if I can't understand half of it.

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