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where to buy propecia online trendo binaire opties It's convention time! Seriously, they've picked this one time of the year -autumn- and said: let's just do them all at once here over the course of a handful of weekends. here ozioni forex Right now, the comic convention in Houten is underway. I was there last year (along with some famous friends; Herr Flick and Helga from 'Allo 'Allo), and I have no idea who'll show up this year. I'll just be there again, selling the very last remainders of Captain August ~Year One (you can still buy it in the online shoppe if you like, on this very site!) and having a good time with my friends. The Clickies will be given away here this year. You know, the webcomic awards I was nominated for last year. I didn't get one this year (a nomination, that is), but that's what you get for experimenting with literature, heh. Anyway, I'll be attending the show anyway, rooting and tooting for the people who get to go on stage. överföring från forex till handelsbanken opzioni binarie 1 5 10 minutiù Then, next weekend, it's the manga and anime convention Abunai in Enschede! OH YEAH! I'm super pumped to go there. This will be the first year, the very first, where I don't have a stand somewhere in the dealer room. I'll probably be able to grab a chair at some other stands, so I don't have to worry about being left out, but it's still an uncomfortable situation. I mean, I'll be just a regular again. I shudder! Fortunately, there's plenty to do, which is to say, I'll bring plenty of stuff to do. I'm certainly not going to waste my time watching anime in a video room all day. I may watch a movie or so in the evening, but for the largest part I'm there for the social goodness with lots of hilarious, and horrifying, people! Hoorah! binaire opties rabobank Then the week after that it's FACTS, a science fiction thingy in Belgium. I'm not going there.

Hey you guys! I haven't received any offers yet for guest art for Year Three. Get crackin'! I want to see those Soir Blue equivalents dropping in like HOTCAKES, or there'll be hell to pay!

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