THE DELIBERATE FLAW go to link 03 October 2007

source site It's Tuesday evening when I write this and I'm still pretty tired from the comic convention in Houten last weekend. Or maybe it was all the travelling I did today because I went home to get my mom to sew some clothing for my exciting cosplay next weekend, at the Abunai anime convention. Guess what I'll be going as? Pictures will be posted as soon as I get them. japan dating sites reviews The latest batch of Captain August episodes depicting the epic climax of the tale have been -according to my own dubious standards- rather nice, but I am particularly happy with the way the above strip turned out. There's something quite exhilirating about seeing Mr. Janosh with a huge harpoon sticking out of his face. Good show! follow site Already being able to drink from the coming hindsight perspective, I must reiterate that my predictions about Year Three have proven quite true. Reading it as a webcomic, it's pretty boring. There's little action per episode and the story seems to be slowly paced. Reading it as a whole, in one go, however, changes things completely. Suddenly, the story makes a lot more sense; threads get picked up that were hard to catch when all you got was a dripfeeding of pages every week. All in all, the Year transforms into an awesome tale, well worth reading. Except, not as a webcomic. This is something I knew way back when I started doing Captain August. I knew that longwinded continuity was a bad thing, because attention spans are duly shortened on the internet and the fragmented pace of a webcomic would obliterate the whole, literally. Still, I had to take this course to provide August with fertile grounds again upon which to breed fresh creative endeavors, lest an even more horrific fate be embraced inexorably: stagnancy of form and content! Anything but that! wetgeving binaire opties So when you're in the camp who though Year Three, the Moby Dick saga, was tedious and trite; wait a few weeks until it's done and then give it another go -but this time, in one shot. Odds are you'll be pleasantly surprised by its ability to entertain. Roderick.

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