15 March 2008

Well, ladies and gents, it's been a most turbulent week. On a wet and rainy Monday afternoon I went to Haarlem to construct a new computer with friend Diederik. He knows a lot more than I do about the hardware side of things, so I needed his expertise. It was to be a new PC for my new office; or rather, the office of Weber Games where I managed to leech a desk for my own company Starflux. I'm the non-proverbial barnacle to their ship. A stowaway.

Anyway, it was on that Monday that we scavenged the parts we needed from all over the city, plowing through storm and winds to get everything together. It was then assembled on tabletop and I took it home the next morning. And a beast it became! It's the fastest, and most mercifully quiet computer I've ever owned. It has a bitchin' graphics card (the ATI HD3850 with passive cooling; which means no fans -so no noise) and the Ferrari of casings. Literally. It's modelled after a Ferrari. The F430. Its power button says 'Start Engine', and it revvs like a Formula 1 car when switched on. It's amazingly dorky. I don't care about that of course, I just care that it looks pretty and shiny. It was the easy choice when confronted with the truly abominable alternatives. You'd be surprised how butt-ugly most casings are, there was really no contest at all.

As always, when getting a new PC, you want to try out its power. This I did with Oblivion. You might remember that when I first got Oblivion, when it was released, a while back, I wasn't able to play it at all. Well, I finished the singleplayer campaign with the lowest of the lowest settings (and even then it was less than smooth), but I wouldn't call that playing it. Now however, I can play it with every feature set to highest and it barely cares to become choppy! It's so great! I look forward to indulging in all the wonderful stuff you can do in the game, like jumping from rock to rock, and dicking around. Oh, how one can dick around in this game!

So, that wraps it up. Not only have I got a dedicated working space for my freelance profession, in an office with hugely entertaining people, I also got myself a new computer which, in the words of Penny Arcade, be bangin'.