08 October 2005

Earlier this week I was having dinner with my girlfriend, and because I love to cook (that is, I love easy, one-pan cookings but it still makes me feel good) I got to pick what we were eating. Actually, it was a democratic process, but I got to choose and she would proceed to approve of it or not.

This is going to be awkward, because I'm going to talk about super-Dutch food for which I don't know if there even IS an English name. I started by picking the meat. I usually prefer fish or even nothing at all save vegetables, but I wanted to have these delicious thingamabobs that I picked up a few weeks ago and fell in love with. The Dutch name is 'slavinken', and it's a thick bundle of finely minced meat rolled up in a slice of ham. You have to smoulder it for approximately 25 minutes in a frying pan until it's nice and brownish (but of course not black) and the innards heated throughout. I loathe raw meat, so even a hint of red is anathema to my cooking.

However, the real treat was not this fantastic, inexpensive but exquisite meat. It was the vegetables (in this case mixed broccoli and cauliflower), which -for the first time ever- I appetised with a sauce. Yes, a SAUCE. It was an exceedingly simple sauce, just plain white sauce with onion and garlic smashed into it, but it elevated this quaint meal to a FEAST FOR THE GODS.

Cooking is great if it's as rewarding as this. YES! Feeling like a MILLION SILVERLINGS!