follow link 16 October 2010 In the absence of any sort of intoxicating substance in my body ever, I could with some justification be called a teetotaller. robot per investimenti opzioni binarie trading online simulazione That does, however, imply the presence of a set of principles that’s not really the case. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or any other sort of addictive goods (coffee par example), but it’s not because I think these are things that just shouldn’t be done. The truth is far simpler: I just don’t like ‘em. Cigarettes are disgusting. Beer might as well be bilge water to me. So I lead a life that’s completely clean of them. Mind you, I will on occasion take some wine or champagne during newyear’s eve or a wedding, but that makes me about as much a drinker as jumping from a swing makes me a skydiver. enter site However, there IS an underlying psychological reason beyond simple dislike.  I abhor losing control. Control of my body or my mind, it’s all a recipe for bad times. It might be because the times in my life I felt most miserable were the times when my control wavered. Taking drugs and voluntarily relinquishing it... I shudder to think of it.
I am reminded of the Dutch royal slogan: Je Maintiendrai! I shall maintain! And so shall I.

opzioni digitali algoritmo intesa sanpaolo trading Not principles then -sheerest self-preservation. But don’t think my fear of losing control is the prime agent in my teetotalling tradition. First and foremost still stands mundanely a complete and utter lack of interest in those things. Just can’t be bothered.

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