VACATIONRANT #1 16 August 2006

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opcje binarne na mt4 binaire opties paypal The next two episodes of Captain August will appear without my presence behind the orchestrating keyboard through the power of programmable tables in combination with the Roman calendar. This is because I am going on a little vacation for the midweek from last Monday to coming Friday. see url opciones binarias android So it's a small trip. A cantrip, maybe. I'm not even leaving the country; I'm off to a summer park in Zandvoort near the North Sea. Unfortunately, the weather predictions are mildly negative and I expect buckets of rain. Not the sort of thing you would hope for on your one week away from home, but that is the penalty for staying in our glorious hovel of a land. binaire opties vergunning Last Saturday was my birthday and it was a quaint little day with just me and Mon. My sister was there as well, which is neat because she had lived in France for a year or three, four. One loses track of these things and instead opts for the idea that she had been living in Avignon follow link for ever. Regardless, I had some strawberry pie and it was good. The whole weekend was quite nice.
Well, this is it for today. Gotta prepare Saturday's rant as well and every word is a precious one that could have also been used to finish reading my book or packing for the trip.

follow link Roderick.