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www beeoptions com Wolfgang (not the famous piano-player because that would mean I?d be dragging along a corpse this whole time, imagine that, but in this case my boss here at Bad Brain) hooked me up with the dandiest of portable DVD-players. Really, it?s such an awesome and cute thing, I instantly fell in love with it. Seeing as how I live in this Neandethal spelunk they call a caravan, getting a DVD-player was a thrust into great sophistication. I can watch movies now! Movies!!
I also got the power to tap into an expansive collection of DVDs, so I?ll tell you what I?ve seen so far with a bunch of mini-reviews.

source Hellboy, special edition: great movie! The middle part is a little saggy because it becomes a bit like Scoobydoo where they?re just chasing after a monster that shouldn?t have been so prominent, but that parts that sandwich the middle, oh boy! The beginning is so effing great I can?t even describe it. It?s got over-the-top nazi assassins, wild unchecked plots to destroy the world, beautiful cinematography and, well, everything that?s good about cinema. The ending, though not quite as great as the intro, is still super and pushed the same buttons that the Ghostbusters movies push, albeit with a little less personality (the Hellboy one). Battlestar Galactica: which is to say: the new series, the remake of the 70s Starwars knockoff. It surprised me, because I was expecting the same dull cheesiness of the original, but instead it took a very character-driven course with good writing and direction. It fits perfectly in the contemporary science-fiction current of nowadays to take a ?documentary? approach to its spacefight sequences with adjusting out-of-focus cameras, no sounds except for radio noise and tracking, handycamm shots. This was also done in Firefly, the new Starwars movies and some others, but it?s still very effective, even though the surprise and novelty of it has worn off. Kill Bill: I have both of them at this moment, but only saw the first (tonight I?ll see the second). Liked it a lot. It?s handled with typical Tarantino panache. It?s cinema that?s ery aware of itself, unfraid to point at its own mechanics and say: hey look, this is how I operate. Neat, isn?t it? Obviously choreographed dialogues, references too obscure to comprehend but executed with such zest that they still amuse and a great piece of anime right in the middle of the movie, produced by Production IG, a Japanese studio of some renown.

www bdswiss The A-team: a double-DVD with the first six episodes. What can I say other than that I devour it? Unquestioningly the best show of the 80s. Amazing that some twenty years afterwards I stilll get giddy while watching it. Oh sure, it?s basically the adult version of The Teletubbies, in that it?s as formulaic as it can get. The job, the con, the fight, the chase, the contruction, the climax. Hannibal will be on the jazz, Face will sweettalk everyone, BA will weld and administer knuckle-sandwiches, Murdock will have a handpuppet and get on BA?s nerve. Catchphrases will be thrown hither and tither. That show is pure gold.

And over the course of the weeks, I will get to see so much more. I love my portable DVD-player.

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