buy Lyrica in ireland follow site 19 May 2010 A household notice, firstly. People asked for it, and we deliver: you can now do something called ‘RSS feed’ on this site. watch here Being a technophobe I have no idea what this means, I can only hope the feeding is done on something wholesome and nutritious, and that you clean the dishes after you’re done. But, if you’re so inclined to feast upon ‘RSS’, you may click on the button in the address bar above the site. It’s the orange thingy with the wavy thingies. Yeah, I’m technical like that. go to site blog studenti opzioni binarie Okay, three new episodes in, I expect that you all have dug up on your August lore! If not, let me explain it all here real quick again. Captain August is a little dude who was put on a giant space ship by a group of mysterious, treacherous fiends, the Darwin family. For some unknown reason they put him all the way at the bottom of the ship, unable to control the vessel as it courses through the galaxy to some hidden destination. August, being a megalomaniacal but loveable tyrant, wants to take control and has for the past few years travelled through the infinite hallways and levels of the ship to try to get to the bridge which is all the way at the top. click In this he is aided by his faithful number one, the sarcastic Nuch, and since recently the highly flammable psychopath Janosh. As if the troubles of leading a crew with an iron fist and being opposed by the weird, dangerous Darwin family wasn’t enough, August also has a rival captain called Rumquist. He and his pirate band are racing August to the bridge, vying for control of the ship.
Also, the ship is full of clowns. Isn’t it freaky?

There’s also the fangirl June. But she’s probably not a fan anymore, after the harsh treatment August gave her. And that’s pretty much it! Except for the Beatnik and Abraham Jacques, but that’ll come in due time. For now, this is all you need to enjoy the bountiful episodes harvested twice-weekly for your merest amusement. King Solomon himself in his golden temple had to settle for less.

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