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forex låna pengar It would appear I have been sneakily lured again into larger story arcs than I had planned at the start of this August year. Nothing detrimental, but I'll try to keep it shorter the next time. The justification is, of course, that there were many different side stories involved here. And since I have various developing characters this time around, it takes some more room to tell the tale. Are we liking it so far? I know many have left during the Moby Dick year, but I don't know if they've returned yet. here Politics. A few years back the health care system in the Netherlands was reformatted into a new system. Every adult now had to have an obligatory health insurance at the cost of at least 100 Euros a month. Supposedly, this was for the best, to insure that everyone was covered and no one left behind. It was, however a huge extra expense, especially for people who only occasionally ever went to the doctor and therefore didn't really saw a lot of returns for all the money they were forced to pour in. A system was devised to cope with this, the 'no claim' measure, where you'd get a reasonable amount of money (to a maximum of 250 Euros) back if you didn't need any health care in a particular year. follow link It was still a huge expense, but at least there was that. Now they've changed that. Ever since January, the No Claim has been turned into an 'Own Risk' policy, where, no matter what you do, the first 150 Euros of health care you spend you cough up yourself. Allow me to repeat this. Not only are you forced to pay for a very expensive insurance, when you do actually need it, it won't cover it unless you really break an arm or something else dramatic. This is nothing less than a punishment for living a healthy life. They're at the same time encouraging people to stay away from doctors (because they'll have to pay for it How to earn 20 000 dollars fast again) and engendering a system where, if you're already going, you'll want to make the most out of it and will attempt to make the biggest claim on health care you can, to minimize the financial damage relatively. Are you still with me? I'll spell it out: the system sucks. It endangers the health of everyone, drains people financially and morally turns them into envious wretches who'll be angry with people for being ill. I oppose any and all philosophy that is based on the worst aspects of man, rather than trying to get out the best.
Now, there's probably a really good reason why the government has chosen to impose this punishment on the healthy population of our country. As far as I'm concerned though, they should just dispense with the smoke and mirrors altogether and name the thing for what it really is: a tremendously unjustifiable tax. I will continue being bothered hugely with this until someone comes to me and tells me precisely why this was the right thing to do with our health care.

And then pays the goddamned thing for me.

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