09 March 2005

أ٠ضل طريقة لكسب المال على الانترنت A collection of short newsbits after such a hefty brainstorm of four days ago.

The go Battle of Poetry has begun, and with it the thrilling climax to the go here clown saga. Of course, nothing is what it seems in the dastardly chicanerous world of August, so for all you know there's going to be some sort of time-travel device that telewarps our hero back to the beginning of this madness. And you'll have to endure it again!

On second thought that's a pretty lousy idea.

Clickburg then. I've succesfully applied for a stand on the go to link first (hopefully annual!) webcomic convention in the Netherlands. I had a reasonably safe and predictable idea for my stand, featuring no extravaganzas whatsoever, but thankfully my enthusiasm for the convention shone through and I got a stand. Currently I'm lobbying for the chance to have a public viewing of August the Movie there! That would be really swell! They seemed open to the idea of showing independent short animations on the convention, which I think is no big surprise. Webcomics and other forms of media go hand in hand, thanks to the unifying media-conglomerate that is called the internet.

Which brings us to, yes, The Movie in question. Still haven't found the opportunity to begin construction of the grand update of the website. Be patient, and you wil be rewarded. It may still take some billig Viagra bestellen months. In the meantime, you can still scoop up your portion of free, wholesome Captain August twice a week here.

Last week I pitched an opzioni binarie offerte per i nuovi iscritti ambitious concept for an epic animation involving clowns to one of my animation teachers, and it got shred to bits in ruthless fashion. Tomorrow I'm charging into the fray again, armed with a far more elegant idea. Still involving clowns. Don't worry, they're not of the miniature kind, nor do they have an unlikely obsession with stews. They're just your binära optioner kurs everyday clowns. Greatly depressed, helium-addicted clowns. OD'-ing on Smilex, spend-the-night-in-jail, hitting the ringmaster with a canister of laughing gas -clowns. Super normal.

I haven't played follow site World of Warcraft for four days now. I'd like to go play again, but I've noticed it's not something that has to be done at all cost. The addiction kind of stayed out for me. Which in one way is a relief, because now I can actually do some cool other work. But on the other hand, so far it's not the revelatory game I had hoped to play. It's triumphant in many ways of course, and I still have good hopes that the game will open up somewhere when I get stronger. Say, at level 40, when I finally get my beautiful undead mount. But so far it's just a really fun pastime for the nightly hours. And something to talk about during lunch breaks. But not something to lose your life over. I don't even know if that exists for me... am I so down to earth then? Pity.