04 January 2006

The delay this morning with the episode sprung from an interesting change in tactics. One of my new year's resolutions was to better structure my days to avoid getting stuck again in a loophole of dullness where every waking minute tasted the same as the one before.

I used to work the whole day and evening in the past months. Of course this was intersected with gaming and everything -don't cry me a river yet- , but because of this everything was always the same. Whether it was noon or midnight, dusk or dawn, it was always the same. Always. The same. It got so trite and exhausting that I decided to change my battle plan.

This year, I mean to work at day, and game at night. It sounds really simple, and I hope it will be so. This way I'll have a better structure to work with. Efficiency will be better, even if my overall output will be less. But go figure; it was already ridiculously high last year, so I think I've got some cards left. The downside is that if I don't have the work finished before a deadline, I'll think twice before working at night to finish it. As happened with August, which I just finished this morning.

Now don't string me up yet; in the future I probably will work in the evening to get exactly this stuff done. But because the year was so fresh and fragile, I thought it wiser to keep myself to my newborn rhythm somewhat strictly instead of already breaking it.

So there you have it. Let's see if this thing works!

On a side-note; Wolfgang from German publisher Bad Brain (which will publish the extremely awesome pirate adventure I'm writing, but don't tell anyone yet) put my diary online. I wrote a personal diary when I was doing my internship there last summer, and now you can read the thrilling things I went through with your own eyes! Go to and click on the 'CEO blog' button. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to put an Egyptian scalpel in your nasal cavity to pulk your brains out. Guaranteed, every time.